soft focus cropped smallI am here to assist you to open your heart to Divine Grace and allow the magnificence of the Divine to flow through


The Seraphim are entrusted with ensuring the purity of Divine Grace as it flows from the Divine.

As it expands in a never ending stream of devotion, compassion, all-encompassing love and oneness, it is received in the way that benefits everyone.

The mighty power of the Divine in it magnificence and brilliance cannot be accessed directly so the Seraphim act on our behalf to assist the company of angels who work directly with you, your guardian angels.

It is through the enormous compassion of the Divine that the Seraphim Angels have come to assist everyone who is ready in returning to Divine Grace.

The Seraphim Angels bring healing of mind, body and emotions and this is made possible by allowing you to open up to see from a new perspective.

Listen to the voice of the Seraphim on Divine Grace

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An Experience of Love, Light and Encouragement
A message from Saxon Knight

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World peace is all about each one awakening and realizing their power in connection to all things.

Saxon KnightDivine Grace is present in everything, it is all around you. Everything and everyone is composed of part of the Divine, so you can access Divine Grace in your daily life. Through your connection to your family, your friends, those you meet and your environment.

It is all about understanding, recognizing and acknowledging this. You have the ability to do this or you can equally reject this opportunity.

We are here to experience who we are by our exploration of ourselves, but also by our interaction with others and our world. We can use each situation and challenge to move us deeper into love and compassion or we can succumb to our habits and react and believe in the way we always do, bringing us the same results and keeping us limited and small.



the seraphim



Divine Grace flows through our world in a never-ending stream of joy and bliss. Power is found in our devotion to love.

Each time you sit in the stillness to receive you are immersed in this light that has the power to heal and transform.

You are transforming your spiritual heart and gaining access to infinite peace joy and love.

It is all about the presence and the Divine energy. Words mean little in the space of Grace.

Words cannot convey the experience of Divine Grace and Grace is best received in the stillness heart to heart soul to soul.

The Seraphim Angels can move you  towards a place where your presence  is peace, is grace and as soon as you begin to communicate by your intention to heal, to comfort, to soothe and exchange love, Divine Grace will connect with you without any effort or knowledge on your part.


divine grace


Grace contains the essence of the Divine it is the way the Divine can provide Divine Love to us is the way this love is expressed.

When you allow this grace to flow more and more through your mind and through your emotions through your life you will notice everything begin to become smooth and easy and you will reach the highest frequency of life you can as a human.

Divine Grace is the way the Divine connects everyone and everything around you with pure love.

The moment you begin to call upon grace  in your own life you start to experience that stillness, peace and the joy of being calm, being who you are.

The more you integrate Divine Grace in your life it will release old barriers and resistance.

When you can expand into Divine Grace you become oneness, and you can see solutions to problems and challenges, what actions to take, how you can help others – and yourself.


You can receive the experience of Divine Grace for yourself through the many teachings of the Seraphim


These meditations have been created by the Seraphim Angels so you can immerse yourself in Divine Grace.  To go beyond your critical mind, so you can dive into Grace. To be lost in love, for it is in the energy of Grace that all things begin and all things are found.



The Seraphim Angels in collaboration with Saxon Knight offer you a new collection of guided meditations to support and inspire you.

Saxon’s beautiful voice and the messages from the Seraphim Angels and the Divine combined with beautiful angelic music create an uplifting, powerful journey to the Divine.

 The vibrations throughout these meditations create the energies of love, abundance, and bliss that may be missing from your life.




The Books of the Teachings of the Seraphim



The PartnershipWould you like to understand who you really are?

Instead of loving yourself are you harsh and unforgiving?

Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward?

Do you feel the separation from love?

Are you too hard on yourself?

Do you often find yourself saying “I wish I knew how to find more love and peace in my life?

The Seraphim Angels are here to show you how to look inside to discover how to feel more love and peace

The answers you seek are inside
The Partnership – The Teachings of the Seraphim Angels – Book One


Healing PathTHE SERAPHIM ANGELS GUIDE TO THE HEALING PATH OF LOVE is filled with inspirational guidance and easy ways to move you forward if you are feeling stuck or longing to find sense in your life.

These teachings and Blessings of the Seraphim Angels contain powerful new ways to live based on the healing energy of Divine Love.

The teachings of the Seraphim Angels give everyone the understanding that the essence that Divine Love lies within each of us and it can be accessed by all easily and completely within our own unique connection.


Healing PathINNER STRENGTH: 90 Days to Personal Power with the Seraphim Angels

is a spiritual journey to inner healing. It will show you the way to your courage and personal power.

INNER STRENGTH 90 Days to Personal Power with the Seraphim Angels combines Declarations of Intent, Inspirational Quotes and Guidance from the Seraphim Angels to bring you the life you love.

Each message and inspirational quote develops on the one before creating a supported structure for you to open up to a new way of being.

Working with this 90-day program can help you recognize new opportunities and create a happier life built from your inner strength.


You can also find the teachings of the Seraphim on YouTube

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